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I have just found this site and have found it very weird seeing a photo with me in it from so many years ago.. i am in the athletics team photo sat in the middle with a very bad hairdo and what looks like a yellow hairband in my hair.
I was at Ravenswood from 1984 to 1988/89? as a full boarder along with my older brother Andrew Troy-Brown,my house was Gordon and i was dorm captain of the fair maids of perth. I was friends with Sarah carstairs, Virginia cronk,Michelle Wilson,Kelly harding,Eliza hunt and julie kingshott.
I remember when i was supposed to be captain of my dorm and keeping order that we all got busted one night for giggling and talking after lights out by the headmaster Mr Clifford-Jones.He walked in and switched the light on and calmly told us that he'd been listening to us all talking for ten minutes and that we will be 'dealt with' in the morning while we all hid under our blankets scared to death. The next morning, Head mistress Mrs Clifford-Jones stormed into our dorm at 05:30 am and shouted at us to get up and get dressed and then to go down to the changing rooms,get our sports kit on and then go down to the running pitch and do ten laps round the field. We did as we were told and she sat and watched us as we panted our way round,she then ordered us up to the boys changing rooms,handed us brillo pads and made us scrub in a cold shower. we then had to go to bed early and every break time had to stand outside the window of the staff common room in a line with our hands on our heads in silence for the next 2 weeks.Tough punishment or what!!!
I loved the long summers at Ravenswood ,building bivvies,dorm and camp raids ,the heavy snow in winter and hanging up our wet smelly socks in the scary boiler room. I particularly loved watching each others plays that we put on at christmas time,they were really rubbish but funny.
I hated the scrambled eggs but loved the lumpy porridge for breakfast and remember kippers and church on sundays.
I also remember the young matron Miss Archer,who was very kind and really comforted us when we missed our parents.
I wonder also if anyone remembers Major meeke being pushed in the swimming pool by Horner? at the swimming gala one year. Major meeke hit the roof,it was so funny,we all struggled not to laugh out loud.

Phillippa Troy-Brown

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