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8 years 9 months ago #70 by admin
OMG - This is so strange! - was created by admin
Hi all (some of you I do remember, some I dont),

Seems really strange to have found a list of old people from Ravenswood – I even remember a few!

I was there around 1988 for a couple of years and remember a lot of strange things, like the tiny stairs from the dormitories to downstairs, cooking in the kitchen, never having enough money for the tuck shop as you had spent all your ‘cheques’ that were given out….

Am now married, living in Manchester and working full time as a systems developer and trainer in a Telecoms Company. Also run my own website – and social network – so have done a lot since leaving Ravenswood – actually nearly got married there a couple of years ago!

Dunno if anyone will remember me or not, the people I mainly remember are Grant Eggleton, Piers Napper, Henry (Waterworth? – he lived in no mans land?)…seems so weird to remember everything back…. Would be great to hear from some of the old friends.

Matt Shiells-Jones (was only a ‘Jones’ when at Ravenswood)

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