Unbeaten Rugby Teams

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Unbeaten Rugby Teams was created by admin
Yes, I'm not surprised, having looked at John Lane's stats... but I still feel a beer or two coming on!

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Just to add a little clarity.Although both teams were unbeaten, the team of 1968 scored more points FOR, and had less points AGAINST.I will try to make sure that i bing along the relevant corrobative evidence!!

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Yes, I remember that the 1968 team was also unbeaten - it was my first term and I recall that several of the players looked ENORMOUS to me! I don't recall all the stats but do recall that, in an endeavour to extend us, we were fixed up with an end-of-term fixture against the Blundell's U14's (? "Newts"?), and we saw them off too! Don't recall the 1968 team being similarly challenged - as you say, suitable subject for debate over a few beers! I notice that one of our stars of that year, Simon Ellyat, is coming to the reunion.


Robert Gibson

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I now have, in my possesion, nearly all of the Chronicles, from 1934 through to 1987, minus the war years tho. I have had a good look and it seems that you are correct!

Can anyone tell me if there are any chronicles from 1939~1945? Also if there were any chronicles from after 1987, as they seem to just peter out.

A selection of chronicles will be availble at the reunion, some a little dog-eared tho! Still great reading, Tom Browns schooldays stuff!!


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I have just been perusing the sports photos submitted by Robert Gibson and, in particular, the unbeaten rugby side from 1971. As a result, I thought I would initiate some debate which can be further discussed over a few beers at the reunion for anyone interested.

There was, of course, an unbeaten rugby team from 1968 which in my humble opinion was vastly superior to any previous or subsequent teams!!

I now have The Chronicle covering that season and can confirm the results as follows:

Played 8 Won 8 Lost 0 Drawn 0

Points for 236 (65 tries) 3 point tries in those days!

Points against 17 (5 tries)

I rest my case!

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