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I can never remember food as bad as described by Mr Northwood. I must confess however, I was not a brussel sprouts fan especially when "Matron Flatfoot" (predessror of Miss Sully) would keep you at the table until the last one had gone! (I seem to remember it kept re-appearing in my mouth everytime I swallowed!)

My favourite was a doorstep of white bread that had been soaked in marmite and deep fried in lard for breakfast. Less imaginative was the rice left over from curry, re-heated and 'drizzeled' with warm, watery Golden Syrup but nevertheless it was very palatable.

P.S. What was a menu? When I was there you just ate what you were given and were pleased to have it. "Oh Lord thank you for what we have received" - Ahmen circa 1956 S.Biggs

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Replying to:

Not only was the menu bad, but I seem to remember finding things in the food that just plain shouldn't have been there.

i.e. Bitten off fingernails, strands of human hair, used and unused matches all being common foreign objects.

If anyone wants to add to the list, feel free!


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