Catching up from 61-69 - Nigel Morland - Coon

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10 years 5 months ago #23 by admin

Recently come across this website and thought I would post something.

Would be fascinating to catch up with any old school mates! I was a student from 1961! The headmaster was Charles Whitaker, some of my teachers were Mr Cunningham, Mr Light and his wonderful wife who was our Matron and Mr Benson.

Some names I can recall off what is left from the top of my head - Peter Bicknell, Allen Foskett, Collin Rowe, |(Christian names I am unsure of and please excuse any incorrect spelling! -) Darling, Moore, Painter, Benson, Madge, Caruthers, Wallice, Bellars, The Haig Brothers...

I have a small but fantastic collection of photographs which I shall scan and email in.

Look forward to perhaps hearing from some of you or any others from this era!

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8 years 2 months ago #235 by SALCOMBE
Replied by SALCOMBE on topic Catching up from 61-69 - Nigel Morland - Coon
Hello Nigel, et al.

I remember you very well, for one reason, you were excellent at all sports especially rugby. Peter Bicknell was captain of the school cross country team, and as I came second in the annual school race, (a million miles behind Peter) was also in the team. ( I have the team photo somewhere which is not on this site so will promise to upload). Rowe was from Cornwall, Redruth or was it Truro. MR Light, dictation which I never saw the point of and his lovely wife. I was from Salcombe at the time and MR Light had a home in Marlborough a small village 3 miles away. I believe I am right in saying he installed an organ in the village church which he use to play. I also remember the Bolton brothers, who like me used to get whacked by you know who.
One thing I cannot remember is what House I was in, it was either Rodney or Nelson, defiantly not Rhodes or Gordon, I wonder if any one has access to school registers or the like.

Aside from a few photos and memories the only item I have from Ravenswood is my school blanket, made from Dartington wool with my name badge and number on, 53 years young. Simon Pearce '61-'66.

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