Miss DavisI remember Miss Davis. She taught French, Art, and Music. We were all absolutely terrified of her as she issued stripes with carefree abandon and only gave stars by the occasional quarter. The music room was the gazebo (also known as the Dove Cote to later generations.) at the end of the driveway at the corner of the quadrangle. In winter she used to have two oil stoves in there which amplified her personal aroma to a ghastly degree. One held one's breath for as long as possible!!

However whenever I have met an Old Ravenswoodian of the 1955 ish vintage she was always the teacher they would like to meet again. Certainly she is the only person who has ever succeeded in making me draw anything recognisable, she laid the foundations of my French, and did her best with my piano-playing. When last heard of, in the 1960s, she was a barmaid at the Hartnell Hotel (on the way into Tiverton).