Where are they now?

Robert Schuster, one time Headmaster

Notes, jottings and contributions relating to the life of Robert Schuster, one time headmaster of Ravenswood School, Stoodleigh, Devon.

The following few paragraphs and the information contained are given purely to serve as background information on the family into which Robert Louis Schuster was born and brought up and there may well be the occasional inaccuracy. The subsequent collection of notes and jottings that follow on from this are not intended to form or constitute a comprehensive history of Robert Louis Schuster’s life.His only nearest surviving relatives are two nephews and a neice from the marriage of his sister Cicely Helen to Cecil Paul Longland in 1933, the youngest in his mid 70's, the oldest in his early 80's.


Interview with...Debbie Harris

Ravenswood now has a presence on www.facebook.com, and it was through Facebook that we got in contact with Debbie Harris, matron at the school when the school closed in 91. We caught up with Debbie and had a chat about her time at the school.


Derek Fullerton

Derek FullertonI left Ravenswood in l983 after 4.5 years, and went into another school at Ascot, Berks, to teach top English for four years, after which I semi-retired, and helped part-time at another school nearer here for 10 years, retiring properly in '96 here at my home in Parkstone, Poole.

Eileen Connor

Eileen ConnorEileen joined Ravenswood following the closure of Redvers pre-prep school (my old school....Ed) in Tiverton.At the invitation of Mr Richard Mackie, Eileen started in 1983 with 8 children, 6 boys and two girls, in the new Pre-Preparatory department. Eileen stayed at Ravenswood until its sad closure in July 1992, at that point there were 58 children and two additional staff! The picture below is taken from the School chronicle of 1983.Eileen lives in Washfield, near Tiverton, with her husband Brian.

Miss Davis

I remember Miss Davis. She taught French, Art, and Music. We were all absolutely terrified of her as she issued stripes with carefree abandon, and only gave stars by the occasional quarter. The music room was the gazebo (also known as the Dove Cote to later generations. webbotcher) at the end of the driveway at the corner of the quadrangle. In winter she used to have two oil stoves in there which amplified her personal aroma to a ghastly degree.

One held one's breath for as long as possible!! However whenever I have met an Old Ravenswoodian of the 1955 ish vintage she is always the teacher they would like to meet again. Certainly she is the only person who has ever succeeded in making me draw anything recognisable, she laid the foundations of my French, and did her best with my piano-playing. When last heard of, in the 1960s, she was a barmaid at the Hartnell Hotel (on the way into Tiverton).